10 Marla House Designs Pakistani Inspirational Interior

“Marla” is the traditional unit of area used in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. 10 Marla house designs Pakistani standards under the authority of United Kingdom to be equal to a square rod, or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square Yards or 25.2929 square meters. Thus, it is in fact, the 160th Acre. Read more here

In rural areas of Pakistan such as village 1 Marla = 272 sq ft whereas in urban 225 square feet. This 10 Marla house designs Pakistani help viewers to choose from a variety of different House plans to make the perfect home for themselves. We continue to add more 10 marla House plans with time. So keep visiting this website. 10 Marla House plans.

This home 10 Marla house designs Pakistani (35 front legs and a depth of 65 feet) and has 3 floors. This home design style of Pakistan has 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and have a servant or maid’s room on the floor. The total area was built this House design was 3.252 square feet.

10 Marla House Designs Pakistani

House design in Pakistan

If you want to get a different design to build your home then this article would be best for your new ideas so that it should read it. Home construction is the most important part of our lives and if you want to build a House with the modern design then before the construction of different types of research are more important than development procedures. If you can finish the design of the map home later after the construction of this step will be started and you can’t modify the design of the map during construction due to the design map built with each room or space in any length and width so we mention trying to focus on Your map design.

Normal size House in Pakistan:

Pakistan real estate and construction, business is so popular that is the reason you can get hundreds of names of the construction company. In Pakistan typically 4 types of Plot or House homes for sale purchase and construction was done by the individual or the community.

5 Marla House
7 Marla House
10 Marla House
1 canal house

5, 7, 10 Marla House and 1 Kanal house design is available on this page with every home covered the area width and length so it should look at the different modern unique design for your home ideas development.

10 Marla house design in Pakistan:

10 Marla house designs Pakistani is best for normal size families because a double portion of the story is covered with 5 bedrooms with easy and you can also have small gardens in 10 Marla home. 10 Marla House prices in urban areas like Lahore 120 to 170 Lac Lac in different communities and keep in mind we’re not talking about the price of DHA Lahore 10 Marla house designs Pakistani because DHA 10 Marla home price increases on 200 Lac usually. 10 Marla home with and length is usually the same from all urban areas are mentioned on the side;

35 the width and length of 60 (length and width changes by the General plot size in width and length cutting)

7 designer Marla houses in Pakistan:

1575 sqrt is a total of 7 Marla measure for urban areas that a normal sized community is a reason they cannot afford 10 Marla House they bought 7 Marla houses. In urban areas of Pakistan, 7 Marla house design will be done in a way that is more effective than to 5 Marla House because you can also get small garden 7 Marla houses. Pakistan home design map will be more visible with 7 or 10 Marla House because compared to small design houses such as 3.5 or 5 Marla house.