10 Marla House Plan in Pakistan and India Creative Ideas

Marla standards under the authority of United Kingdom to be equal to a square rod. It or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, and or 25.2929 square meters. Thus, it is, in fact, 160th acre. In rural areas of Pakistan such as village 1 of marla is 272 sq ft whereas in urban areas very 225 square feet. Here are some 10 marla house plan including the ground floor and first floor. This is for you to have an idea of the type of plan you want to create or choose a plan. It like this for your own home or for someone else.

10 Marla House Plan in Pakistan and India Creative Ideas

Marla is the traditional unit of area used in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This 10 marla house plan helps viewers to choose from a variety of different house plans. It to make the perfect home for themselves. Many of the unique collection of beautiful pictures with the theme of 10 marla home plan. That way, you can see a large number of other high-quality collection. Definition of marla varies between Pakistan and India. Just check out the full review below.

Marla House Plan

In Pakistan unit Measures of Marla

  • Original Marla
    – 9(Karm)in 1 Marla = 30.25 x 9 = 272.25 Sq/Ft (1-Marla)
    – 1(Karm)   = 5.5 Ft OR 5.5 x 5.5 = 30.25 Sq/Ft
  • Small Marla
    – 9(Karm)in 1 Marla = 25 x 9 = 225 Sq/Ft (1-Marla)
    – 1(Karm)   = 5 Ft OR 5 x 5 = 25 Sq/Ft

In India unit Measures of Marla

  • Small Marla
    – 1(Sarsahi)= 3 Karm (5 x 3 = 15 Sq/Ft)
    – 1(Karm)   = 5 Sq/Ft
    – 9(Sarsahi)in 1 Marla = 15 x 15 = 225 Sq/Ft (1-Marla)
  • Big Marla
    – 30.25 Sq Yds x 9(Sarsahi)= 272.25 Sq/Ft (1-Marla)
    – 5.5 Sq/Ft x 5.5 Sq/Ft = 30.25 Sq Yds
    – 1(Karm)   = 5.5 Sq/Ft
    – 3 Karm x 3 Karm = 9(Sarsahi)

10 Marla House Plan

10 Marla house size is common in Pakistan. Most housing schemes in Pakistan have size 10 Marla house. Pakistan housing land is measured in Marla and Kanal. 1 Marla together to 225 square feet and 1 Kanal is equal to 20 Marla. Therefore, 10 Marla house is one that is built on the land size of 2250 square feet. There are many sizes of 10 Marla plot but the ideal size is 35′ x 65′. Approximate area covered double-storey houses 10 Marla is 2500 square feet.

Beautiful 10 marla house plan layout designed on 3 stories and 10 Marla. The plan of the house has a living area of 3.347 sq ft. In addition, there is also a Pakistani house design (10 Marla). This home design Pakistan 10 marla (35 front legs and a depth of 65 feet) and has 3 floors. This home design style of Pakistan has 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. It also has a servant or maid’s room on the floor. The total area was built this house design was 3.252 square feet.

10 Marla House Design

Design 10 Marla house has many variations. Because the land is enough, the architect has much space maneuvering. 10 Marla house design, open space is provided on one side of the house. Usually at the side where the terrace of his car is provided. Open spaces are also provided at the front and back of the house. The living room was later used for the estate and back laundry room work.

Ventilation and natural light, given from the side, front and rear open space. Generally the car porch, living room, living room, kitchen, two bedrooms with private bathroom and powder room. It is provided on the ground floor. While saving two bedrooms bathroom, room, small kitchen, small spaces and old maid is provided on the first floor.