I Got a New Job in Downtown Dallas

I just got a new job working in one of those big office towers in downtown Dallas. The skyscraper is one by one of those too big to fail banks and it is an enormous place. I work on the 18th floor for a big insurance company, although if it were not for the big pay raise I would probably hate it. Mostly that is because the place I am living is a very long commute, but I have started to look for affordable Dallas apartments uptown although that probably is not something that really happens very much. What I am really thinking is that I need to find a roommate or perhaps two of them. Continue reading “I Got a New Job in Downtown Dallas”

Single Mother in an Apartment

Starting a new life as a single parent is not easy. I divorced from my husband after he had an affair with another woman. He decided that he wanted to be with her, and didn’t want to have any custody of the kids. He has to pay child support and alimony, but that only took care of some of the finances for me. I had to find one of the Silver Spring MD apartments to live in, and the kids had to accept the fact that their father didn’t want to see them anymore.

I always thought my marriage would last forever like my parents marriage did, but I guess things are different from they were in their day. People still cheated on each other in those days, but divorce wasn’t as prevalent. Since I have to raise the kids on my own, I can’t be there for them all of the time. Continue reading “Single Mother in an Apartment”

Living out My Dreams in Sandy Utah

Sandy, Utah is a really beautiful city. I had been there a few times for work purposes, and I was first in line when I heard that there was a management position that was going to open up there in the immediate future. I had been living in Kentucky at the time, and I just did not feel at home there. The few times I had been in Sandy, there were some sparks there that I wanted to explore more. I started looking at apartments for rent in Sandy Utah even before I found out if I was getting that job or not, and I was happy to see that there were plenty of complexes close to where the job would be. Continue reading “Living out My Dreams in Sandy Utah”

You Really Can Save a Lot of Money on Rent with Apartments in Jacksonville Florida

My wife is my best friend. We face the good, the bad and the ugly in this world together. I do not need a boys night out, and my wife is not interested in that with her friends either. Our close friends are married couples who are busy with life like we are. We support one another, but realize that family comes first. Where we differ is how we choose to spend our money. When we were looking for apartments in Jacksonville, we really liked the ones at Pelican Pointe. We came back and signed a lease because of the look and feel of the unit we were offered.

It was in the perfect location on the property. The actual apartments are in low structures. You have your apartment and a neighbor. This is really nice. In a building, you are surrounded on all sides and above and beneath. This is much, much more preferable to us. We can stomp around on the floor and not bother someone below us. Plus, no one is above us or on one other side to make noise. We only have neighbor to our left. Our neighbors have been in their apartment for years. They do not have children. A bonus is they have a nice dog that plays with our dog practically every day. Continue reading “You Really Can Save a Lot of Money on Rent with Apartments in Jacksonville Florida”