Gain Visibility, Increase Sales and Save a Reputation With Wikimotive

The automotive industry is comprised of a wide variety of retailers and service providers. Many of these companies are similar only in that they appeal to vehicle owners. Part suppliers, detailers, digital printing companies selling car wraps, and towing services are all in the industry and offer very different products and services. One other thing each of these companies has in common is wanting to be certain their customers can find them whenever they are needed.

Business owners of all types have to consider how to make themselves easier to find, but for those in the automotive industry, it is even more important. Why? Because people looking for automotive parts, mechanics, and towing services usually have an immediate need. They perform a quick online search and turn to the businesses they find first to meet that need.

Companies that do not have their websites properly optimized for search engines risk losing business to their competitors that skillfully employ SEO techniques. The majority of consumers choose the business listed on the first page of their search and usually one of the ones at the top of the page. In a rushed state they may not remember the full name of the garage or the parts retailer nearby and the name they do remember could bring up several similar companies. A single search of the term “auto parts retailers” brings up over a million results instantly.

Over six billion search engine requests are entered every day and the number of people using mobile devices to do their searches is overtaking the number of people on desktop computers. This means these potential customers are often on the move, in a hurry and not necessarily casually comparing prices or learning about a number of companies. The businesses they spend their money with have to be easy to find and ready to do business in a method that is convenient to the customer.

This is why Wikimotive is actively seeking to help more companies in the automotive industry. They understand the unique challenges these businesses face today. They work directly with their clients to help them increase their exposure, improve their websites for better SEO optimization and assist with the sometimes confusing realities of social media and reputation management. Customers cannot do business with anyone unless they can find them when they are needed. Discover how to make certain your business is always the one they find