I Got a New Job in Downtown Dallas

I just got a new job working in one of those big office towers in downtown Dallas. The skyscraper is one by one of those too big to fail banks and it is an enormous place. I work on the 18th floor for a big insurance company, although if it were not for the big pay raise I would probably hate it. Mostly that is because the place I am living is a very long commute, but I have started to look for affordable Dallas apartments uptown although that probably is not something that really happens very much. What I am really thinking is that I need to find a roommate or perhaps two of them. That is what is going to make the most sense, especially since it seems really likely that an apartment in this area would be pretty likely to cost me a lot if I was to get a one bedroom place.

When you look at what they cost you realize that it is usually something like a hundred and twenty or a hundred and thirty dollars more for a two bedroom place than a one bedroom apartment. It is about that much more for a three bedroom apartment. So if you split the cost of a two bedroom apartment your cost is about three fifths as much. If you split the cost of a three bedroom then that is probably going to be around half as much as a single would be. That would help me out a ton, but you would need to find at least one person you could rely upon. They would need to have a steady job obviously and you would not want anyone who was not easy to get along with. You do not want to make the deal with a real jerk or a terrible slob.