Is Your Law Firm’s Website Bringing in the Leads You Expected?

Lawyers may be the world’s busiest people. They have more than enough to do without working on a website. Sometimes a law firm hires an expensive web developer who said that the law firm SEO (search engine optimization) would be taken care of. It would take time, but the leads would start pouring in.

A year or so later, you can still only find your website if you type in your the law firm’s name. It certainly isn’t in one of the top 3 spots and is effectively invisible to prospective clients. It does take some time to get the traffic you need, but not that much time. The website is fixable.

Law Firm SEO

SEO for law firms, dentists, HVAC guys and other businesses is the same. Search engines such as Google apply the same algorithm to everyone. Optimizing a website means satisfying the search engine – primarily Google – that your website is providing authoritative, valuable information and a good user experience. There are about 200 different ranking factors – some much more important than others.


Keywords or keyword phrases need to be periodically evaluated. Small changes in wording can dramatically change results. There is also an increasing trend for people to speak rather than type when searching. For voice search, keywords that are in the form of questions (Who, how, etc.) work best.

Paid vs. Free

Type any search term into your browser and when the results pull up, you’ll notice a few ads at the very top, unless you’re using an ad blocker. The ad owner pays for every click, with the price ranging from pennies to dollars. This can jumpstart traffic and leads, but isn’t in the budget for most law firms. Optimizing for unpaid ranking is usually the better alternative, offering a greater ROI.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design means that the website functions as it should on any mobile device. Your website pages will not look identical on your iPhone and your laptop, but should be just as easy to navigate and load quickly on any device. Pull up your website on a few different devices and run your own test.

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