Living out My Dreams in Sandy Utah

Sandy, Utah is a really beautiful city. I had been there a few times for work purposes, and I was first in line when I heard that there was a management position that was going to open up there in the immediate future. I had been living in Kentucky at the time, and I just did not feel at home there. The few times I had been in Sandy, there were some sparks there that I wanted to explore more. I started looking at apartments for rent in Sandy Utah even before I found out if I was getting that job or not, and I was happy to see that there were plenty of complexes close to where the job would be.

I did wait to hear from that point on if I was going to get the job, because I did not want to get my hopes up if it ended up that I was not the one chosen for it. However, luck was definitely on my side, and I did get the job. My boss gave me four weeks to get moved there, which was more than enough time because I was able to handle a lot of things online.

I looked at different apartment complexes, and I really liked the ones at Beacon Hill. The complex is simple and nice, and there are not a lot of things that I will pay for but not use, like a pool or fitness center. I have seen a lot of apartment complexes with those, but those amenities are always reflected in the rental price. Since I don’t use them, I was happy to find an apartment complex that does not have all those extras. I needed a total of 12 days to make this all happen, and I have definitely picked the right place to live out my dreams now.