Single Mother in an Apartment

Starting a new life as a single parent is not easy. I divorced from my husband after he had an affair with another woman. He decided that he wanted to be with her, and didn’t want to have any custody of the kids. He has to pay child support and alimony, but that only took care of some of the finances for me. I had to find one of the Silver Spring MD apartments to live in, and the kids had to accept the fact that their father didn’t want to see them anymore.

I always thought my marriage would last forever like my parents marriage did, but I guess things are different from they were in their day. People still cheated on each other in those days, but divorce wasn’t as prevalent. Since I have to raise the kids on my own, I can’t be there for them all of the time. I have to work to make sure we have enough to survive, so I can’t be there for their after school activities. My son is part of a club that makes robots, while my daughter dances.

I’m glad the apartment that we live in is affordable enough for me to stay there with my kids. We’ve met some friendly people in the area, and my kids have made some friends at the apartments. They never knew some of the kids at their school live in the apartments. I’ve met the parents of some of these kids, and they’ve agreed to look after my kids until I can get home if I ever need it. These parents have been more supportive and nurturing than my husband ever has during the entire period of our marriage. I won’t waste my energy holding a grudge against him, because I think he’ll get his just desserts.