10 Marla House Plan in Pakistan and India Creative Ideas

Marla standards under the authority of United Kingdom to be equal to a square rod. It or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, and or 25.2929 square meters. Thus, it is, in fact, 160th acre. In rural areas of Pakistan such as village 1 of marla is 272 sq ft whereas in urban areas very 225 square feet. Here are some 10 marla house plan including the ground floor and first floor. This is for you to have an idea of the type of plan you want to create or choose a plan. It like this for your own home or for someone else.

10 Marla House Plan in Pakistan and India Creative Ideas

Marla is the traditional unit of area used in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This 10 marla house plan helps viewers to choose from a variety of different house plans. It to make the perfect home for themselves. Many of the unique collection of beautiful pictures with the theme of 10 marla home plan. That way, you can see a large number of other high-quality collection. Definition of marla varies between Pakistan and India. Just check out the full review below.

Marla House Plan

In Pakistan unit Measures of Marla

  • Original Marla
    – 9(Karm)in 1 Marla = 30.25 x 9 = 272.25 Sq/Ft (1-Marla)
    – 1(Karm)   = 5.5 Ft OR 5.5 x 5.5 = 30.25 Sq/Ft
  • Small Marla
    – 9(Karm)in 1 Marla = 25 x 9 = 225 Sq/Ft (1-Marla)
    – 1(Karm)   = 5 Ft OR 5 x 5 = 25 Sq/Ft

In India unit Measures of Marla

  • Small Marla
    – 1(Sarsahi)= 3 Karm (5 x 3 = 15 Sq/Ft)
    – 1(Karm)   = 5 Sq/Ft
    – 9(Sarsahi)in 1 Marla = 15 x 15 = 225 Sq/Ft (1-Marla)
  • Big Marla
    – 30.25 Sq Yds x 9(Sarsahi)= 272.25 Sq/Ft (1-Marla)
    – 5.5 Sq/Ft x 5.5 Sq/Ft = 30.25 Sq Yds
    – 1(Karm)   = 5.5 Sq/Ft
    – 3 Karm x 3 Karm = 9(Sarsahi)

10 Marla House Plan

10 Marla house size is common in Pakistan. Most housing schemes in Pakistan have size 10 Marla house. Pakistan housing land is measured in Marla and Kanal. 1 Marla together to 225 square feet and 1 Kanal is equal to 20 Marla. Therefore, 10 Marla house is one that is built on the land size of 2250 square feet. There are many sizes of 10 Marla plot but the ideal size is 35′ x 65′. Approximate area covered double-storey houses 10 Marla is 2500 square feet.

Beautiful 10 marla house plan layout designed on 3 stories and 10 Marla. The plan of the house has a living area of 3.347 sq ft. In addition, there is also a Pakistani house design (10 Marla). This home design Pakistan 10 marla (35 front legs and a depth of 65 feet) and has 3 floors. This home design style of Pakistan has 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. It also has a servant or maid’s room on the floor. The total area was built this house design was 3.252 square feet.

10 Marla House Design

Design 10 Marla house has many variations. Because the land is enough, the architect has much space maneuvering. 10 Marla house design, open space is provided on one side of the house. Usually at the side where the terrace of his car is provided. Open spaces are also provided at the front and back of the house. The living room was later used for the estate and back laundry room work.

Ventilation and natural light, given from the side, front and rear open space. Generally the car porch, living room, living room, kitchen, two bedrooms with private bathroom and powder room. It is provided on the ground floor. While saving two bedrooms bathroom, room, small kitchen, small spaces and old maid is provided on the first floor.

Home Plans Beautiful Houses in Kerala Below 20 Lakhs

Featuring the beautiful Kerala house plan with an estimate of 20 lakhs. Beautiful houses in Kerala below 20 lakhs which are at an area of 1500 sq.ft. It with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with other necessary facilities. This is the budget home with an estimated cost of approximately 20 lakhs. This is the 2 story house with a simple and also nice design. Beautiful houses in Kerala below 20 lakhs is really a simple low budget Kerala style house plan. It with an estimate of 20 lakhs. This is a good choice if you are looking for the budget house plan.

Home plan beautiful houses in Kerala below 20 lakhs specifications. Ground floor 1012 sq.ft. First floor 417 Sq.Ft. Bedroom 3, bathroom 3. Total Area 1429 sq.ft. Estimated price 20 lakhs. Given home facilities in this Kerala home plan. Car porch. Dining and family sitting. Sit out. Attached dress and bathroom. Living. Bedroom. Common toilet. Store area. Kitchen. Work area. Modern Kerala home design 2013 at 2980 sqft. Beautiful houses in Kerala below 20 lakhs. Beautiful Kerala homes.

Home Plans Beautiful Houses in Kerala Below 20 Lakhs

Beautiful Houses in Kerala Below 20 Lakhs

1187 Sq Ft, beautiful houses in Kerala with the plan. This home plan that modern stylish is designed to be built in 1187 square feet. This modern stylish home plan includes 3 bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and the common bathroom. This home plan is a single floored which makes out the distinctive and also unique design. It is proved that modern stylish home plans are good about interior designing. It which it is the total creative solution for the best-programmed interior of your homes.

It provides the best conceptual planning with aesthetic and also technical solutions which are applied to achieve the desired result. The living and also dining room are very well designed and a kitchen along with work area are really spacious. The home plan is designed in the manner for the latest interior designs. Area sq ft: 1187, 3 bedroom with attached [toilet 204 x 144]. Dining 306 x 426. Kitchen. Work area [636 x 132]. Living. Bedroom 306 x 426, 306 x 282, 306 x 282. Sit out (144 Wide). This home plan is well executed by Sanoop Babu, Cube Constructions.

Beautiful Kerala Style House Elevations

Beautiful 4 bedroom house in Kerala style 2584 sqft Kerala home. Most beautiful houses in Kerala. Kerala home beautiful exterior Kerala home design and floor plans. Modern Kerala house design 2013 at 2980 sqft. Decorate a home and planning the construction of a House should be paying attention to a variety of considerations.

Most Beautiful Houses In Kerala

November 2012 Kerala home design and floor plans. Most beautiful houses in Kerala. 2700 sqft beautiful villa design Kerala home design and floor. Most beautiful houses in Kerala. With the construction of a proper home, then the home built will look beautiful.

2700 Sqfeet Beautiful Villa Design Kerala Home Design And Floor

Kerala house design. Beautiful 4 bedroom house in Kerala style 2584 sqft Kerala home. Kerala style beautiful house designs. Showing gallery for most beautiful houses in Kerala. In designing the house, not only the building of his house are observed, but also part of the floor. With the right and best construction, then design a House that is built will also be more optimally.

House Plan In Kerala Less Than 15 Lakhs On 7 Cents

Make your dream home can be fraught with danger. But everything turned out fine enough for Ashraf and Faseela; Thanks to months of research and planning. Here’s how they build their heavenly abode for just house plan in Kerala less than 15 Lakhs On 7 Cents!

» Home located on a plot of seven cents. Other shortcomings of this plot are that the actual beauty of the exterior of the home cannot be enjoyed off the road.

» House plans interested in taking into account the principles of Vaastu. The corner of the window is visible in front of the House plan added appropriate Vaasthu calculations.

» Laterite stone, which is available in the lot in Malapurram, mainly used for construction. For concreting, the mixture of cement and sand have been used.

House Plan In Kerala Less Than 15 Lakhs On 7 Cents

The living room

» Only the required amount of bedrooms built to keep costs under control. Two bedrooms in the House, only one has a bathroom …

» Small areas Like the kitchen, made small as well. The work area is pretty compact as well. Sliding windows has been given in this section. The front of the House is easily visible through the window.

» Small courtyard was added to one portion of the space. The walls here have used the tile to the wall. Tile cost about Rs. 35 per square foot. The specialty of tiles is that they look and feel quite natural and environmentally friendly.

The perimeter of the House Plan In Kerala Less Than 15 Lakhs

» All wooden work was done carefully to keep spending in check. All the doors in the House, including the main entrance, is a timber-framed door flush Guava. Concrete has been used for frame windows. Teak panels designed by a friend has been used on windows.

» Kitchen cabinet made from plywood. The closet is done in just one bedroom. The door cover is made of aluminum and the phylum sheet.


» As very young children, only one of the bedrooms is currently used. Wil other rooms can be converted into a space for children in the future.

» Despite a one-storey house, the staircase was constructed to expand later. The staircase has been given a stainless steel fence.

» Vitrified tiles purchased at the rate of Rs. 45 per square foot have been used for the floor.

» Customized wooden furniture rub purchased depending on the available space and the layout of the interior.

A 14 Lakh home on 3 cents

For bureaucratic & Regina, a plot of 3 percent is what they have to build their dream house someday. With a budget of only 15 Lakhs, they are very enthusiastic about how it would’ve probably. That’s when they came in the October edition of the magazine Vanitha Veedu ‘ 2013 ‘. Articles about beautiful houses built for 9 Lakhs caught their eyes.

Thirumala dariNovia. 1 year and 3 months later, the bureaucracy gets his new 1050 square home and that too in a budget of Rs 2 Lakhs!

This small house in Trivandrum District p.o is almost like a road map on how you can go to build houses without exorbitant fees. DariNovia design and plan it in such a way that the lack of plot can be ignored. Solid blocks 8 inches thick, Rs 35 costs respectively were used to build the House. The granite base is laid with concrete and belt added. A number of beams.

Construction work was done by Charitable Trusts Sindooram under the guidance of dariNovia. The trust has built low-cost houses for many families and this House was named ‘ business ‘ is the latest Issal them.

How to Calculate the House Plan for 15 Feet by 30 Feet Plot

Whether you are designing a new home or designing a new deck, one of the first steps is to create a development plan. The House Plan for 15 Feet by 30 Feet Plot not drawn to size, they are interested in scale, which means that you are “shrinking” regions and make a scale model on paper. How much to scale depending on how large the plan, detailing how you want the plans and how large your paper.

Things you’ll need

Sheets of paper
Measuring tape

Measure the longest part of your building projects, in the legs. For example, the length of the projected plan of your House Plan for 15 Feet by 30 Feet Plot.

Measure the longest part of your paper, in inches. For example, the length of your paper is 10 inches.

Divide 1 step by step 2.
30 feet/10 inches = 3 feet/inch
This means that 1 inch of paper representing each space 3 feet long “real”.

How to Calculate the House Plan for 15 Feet by 30 Feet Plot

Tips & warning House Plan for 15 Feet by 30 Feet Plot

If you have a long outstanding building plan, you might want to consider buying a roll of paper, which you can cut to size your plans, rather than having half of the paper blank spaces.

Add a few feet long around the edges of your building projects if you want a border around the edge.

Use scale drawings to calculate the area by converting to “real” measurements before multiplying the length by the width. For example house plan for 15 feet by 30 feet plot. If it is on paper, the area is 5 inches by 5 inches, then 5 (3) = 15 feet, so 15 feet by 15 feet = 225.

How to draw a house plan scale

Decide on the scale you want to have your plan. Architects and engineers, using different scales for their projects. Commercial-scale eighth scale possible. Most housing plans are drawn to the scale of the quarter. This means that every inch on the plan would be equivalent to four feet.

The study of symbols used to represent furniture, doors, Windows, etc. This is only a problem if you are going to use the plan in a professional context. If only to yourself, come up with your own symbols, remember to save the key for easy reference.

Starting with the outer wall. This will give you an overall plan to build. Measure each wall in feet and divide by four, with each block of four legs will be represented as one inch on the plan. Using a measuring stick, draw a line on Your graph paper. If you prefer, you can use the T-square to line up corners.

Interesting in Your wall thickness. You should include any that will be given to an outside wall as herpes zoster or rough walling finishing.

Use the triangle and the T-square to measure the interior walls and mark them on your plan. You will use the same scale as the exterior wall. Treat each story separate buildings, marking the very surface. This avoids one plan that becomes too cluttered.

Use your shell have pulled mark the location of furniture, doors, Windows and electrical sockets. Be sure to measure them properly and scale them down as before. Using a measuring stick to make sure that the distance accurately.

Label everything. Mark all interior features with their names such as stairs. Mark the dimensions of all the walls, Windows, and furniture, use the proper measurements. Do not use the scale down version.