Tips for Using Social Media to Manage a Company’s Reputation

Buyers rely on social media at every point in the purchase process, but many businesses aren’t yet using it to its fullest potential. For instance, some may not know that it’s possible to use social media as a Reputation Management Platform. Use the below tips to kickstart the company’s visibility and build its reputation.

Encourage Customers to Share Reviews and Experiences

With a gentle reminder on the bottom of a web page, receipt or sign, business owners can get customers to share their experiences. Most customers are quick to go on social media to complain about a product or service, but many don’t think about doing so to offer a positive review. These reminders work best when used in the beginning of the purchase process. In other words, business owners shouldn’t wait until problems arise to manage their reputation.

Connect With Customers and Solve Their Problems

This step can help a company prove how they’re adding value to customers’ lives. Many large companies have social media accounts designed to handle customer complaints. When the customer sees that the company cares about their satisfaction, the firm’s reputation can be greatly improved.

Find a Creative Way to Tell the Company’s Story

Content is a powerful storytelling tool. Companies can connect with customers on a personal level by sharing their history, including the bad parts. Alternatively, the company can provide examples of how their products and services have helped customers. Doing this in a friendly tone can humanize the company and allow it to relate to customers more effectively.

Monitor the Company’s Online Presence and Control the Conversation

Even if the company isn’t posting about itself, the owner should assume that other people are. Therefore, it’s important to know what everyone’s saying. For instance, customers could be using social media to complain about a company’s poor customer service. When companies are unaware of this, they don’t realize how these issues can affect the corporate reputation.

Reputation management can be a monumental task for any company to handle alone. Therefore, it may be to the company’s advantage to hire a PR specialist to create content, craft ad campaigns and develop a social media plan that improves the company’s reputation and boosts sales.