You Really Can Save a Lot of Money on Rent with Apartments in Jacksonville Florida

My wife is my best friend. We face the good, the bad and the ugly in this world together. I do not need a boys night out, and my wife is not interested in that with her friends either. Our close friends are married couples who are busy with life like we are. We support one another, but realize that family comes first. Where we differ is how we choose to spend our money. When we were looking for apartments in Jacksonville, we really liked the ones at Pelican Pointe. We came back and signed a lease because of the look and feel of the unit we were offered.

It was in the perfect location on the property. The actual apartments are in low structures. You have your apartment and a neighbor. This is really nice. In a building, you are surrounded on all sides and above and beneath. This is much, much more preferable to us. We can stomp around on the floor and not bother someone below us. Plus, no one is above us or on one other side to make noise. We only have neighbor to our left. Our neighbors have been in their apartment for years. They do not have children. A bonus is they have a nice dog that plays with our dog practically every day. We really hit the jackpot with our neighbors. They are a middle-aged couple that are super quiet. You cannot ask for more than that when you live in an apartment. We are quiet and sometimes are concerned we are making to much noise for them!

We like it here. The big deal for us is the incredibly affordable rent. We are not what you call “house poor” anymore. We moved from a place that had rent increases every year we were there. We are saving quite a bit of rent money by moving to Pelican Pointe. The apartment is just the size we need, and it is close to all the things we like and use in the community.